What is S4S?

What is S4S?

Sports for Sharing is a civic education program that forms better citizens from childhood. By encouraging children to participate in their community, and to become change agents at a local level, we believe that they can transform their world: local action triggers global effects.

Through games, children ages 6 – 12 strengthen civic attitudes and values very close to their realities. This projects their role as holders of rights and obligations to develop relations of mutual respect and tackle shared problems to promote social understanding.

The program equips educators with our values education curriculum through a teacher training at the beginning. For that reason, Sports for Sharing can be implemented in a variety of school settings, from public to private schools, and from rural to urban.

To complement the values incorporated in the games and team simulations, the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations are used as conceptual materializations of global challenges. Once children are aware of these universal problems, they are empowered to act.

After participating in Sports for Sharing, children genuinely develop values and become aware of their responsibility as human beings. Our comprehensive methodology incorporates teachers, families and professionals in the experience. Thus, children are able to improve the living conditions of their communities in different contexts, becoming vehicles of a profound social transformation.

Deport-es para Compartir, our Mexican counterpart, is a program of the United Nations Association of Mexico, the Mexican representative of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). Sports for Sharing in the US is being established as a Non-Profit Corporation.


Our Five Objectives

Disseminate knowledge of the major global challenges identified

by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals


Encourage the practice of healthy lifestyles


Promote respect for cultural diversity and inclusion


Boost the practice of civic values


Activate aware and pro-active citizenship and participation