“Sports for Sharing came to our school as a partner, reminding us that we could work with everyone, getting closer to our students. Parents ask us “What did you do?”, “Why do our kids look and behave differently now?” And our answer is: “We did nothing, we simply discovered what they carry within them.”

Mateo de Jesus Mukul Yam, Indigenous Boarding School Leader

Yucatan, 2010


“Before, there was no respect here, we used to call each other names. Not anymore. Now with Sports for Sharing we play in a team, we respect each other, we work together, we have fun”

Noelia, 10 years old

Chihuahua, 2011

“Wonderful! It is a program that aims at raising awareness not only among children, I must admit it opened our eyes too, it taught us to be solidary, to work as a team and to address problems that we used to consider unimportant because we got used to them. We know that these things can change.”

Alejandra Aguirre, Teacher

Guadalajara, 2009