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Richest 1% Own Almost Half the World’s Wealth


Gearing up for the 2014 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, OxFam released a study that finds the richest 1% own nearly half the world’s wealth. Ever since the mortgage-financial crisis, the public’s attention has focused on the glaring economic inequality both within the United States and around the globe.  For this reason, studies revealing said economic disparity comes across as unsurprising, and without the garnered interest it has had in the past. Except when reports come out that the 85 richest people anywhere are as wealthy as the poorest half of the world, the thought raises our eyebrows and has us wondering what us humans are doing to better the lives of the world’ls overall population.

Oxfam International is a non-profit organization with the explicit goal to change the world with the power of people to fight against poverty, and the injustices that cause poverty. One of the main themes of this year’s WEF is economic inequality, which will highlight some of the talking points from this study as some of the world’s most distinguished businessmen, entrepreneurs, celebrities, government officials and scholars convene in Davos this week.

Of course, the WEF is known almost as much for the noticeable faces that are absent as it is for the members that make appearances, including Warren E. Buffett, Timothy Cook (Apple), and the founders of Google Larry Paige and Sergey Brin.  Such is the nature of these events, which offer both the opportunity to stir change through discussion, or at the least function predominantly as a public relations/networking event. However you look at it, the WEF brings a platform that heightens awareness and promotes discussion of important subjects like economic inequality to a global audience in an effort to help better our world. It’s worth checking out, and you can many an informed discussion when you browse through the topics.

For now though, check out Oxfam’s full report here (PDF).

And this helpful infographic via USA Today



Images via Oxfam