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S4S Presents: UNICEF Superheroes!


Contributed by Site Coordinator Molly Towey

Halloween is just around the corner and the second graders at Oyster-Adams plan to celebrate in style—superhero style!

Alongside the Assistant Principal, Rosa Berrocal, a group of around 15 second grade students will play superheroes who help address world problems, including access to education, disease prevention/access to medicine, environmental protection, and poverty and hunger. Led by “Lunch Lady” (Sra Berrocal), the students deal with these problems through collaboration. As a team, the students will confront two monsters that deprive the world of food/nutrition, education, environmental sustainability and medicine. The objective of the skit is to both present the UNICEF Trick-or-Treat boxes and show the students that they, too, can be superheroes and contribute to the alleviation of problems in their own community.

This activity has many benefits. The second graders will share with their classmates all they have learned about the Millennium Development Goals, they will raise awareness of the UNICEF Trick-or-Treat program, they will demonstrate the Sports for Sharing program to their parents, and they will have an introduction into forming initiatives. The students are creating their costumes and writing the skit themselves—they are the driving force in this performance. It is so gratifying to participate in this process with them.

We cannot wait to see these superheroes save the world!