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Bancroft Elementary After School Program


Contributed by Site Coordinator Hannah Ross

It’s hard to believe that Sports for Sharing just completed its seventh week at Bancroft Elementary school! And just last week, we had a special visit from S4S Founder and Executive Director, Dina Buchbinder (above), and began our After School S4S program with first and second graders.


Bancroft students hard at work on their Ambassador Travel Logs

We were delighted that Dina was able to join us for a special S4S session in Mr. Frye’s music class. With the help of S4S volunteer, Maria Caceres Moyano, we led ‘sound detectives’ (the students) on a walk in the neighborhood to record the various natural and man-made noises they heard. When we returned to class, we reflected on the effect the origin of those noises have on our environment. The fun didn’t stop there because later that afternoon, after school started!

The goal of the after school program is to complement what students are learning during the regular Sports for Sharing sessions and for students to become ambassadors of the program. Along with games and activities, first and second graders will begin to document goals they have to improve their communities in their Ambassador Travel Logs. Each week they will have time to reflect on their progress and share with the rest of the class their goal and explain which Millenium Development Goals and values are related.

Through the after school program, children are not only learning about global challenges, but they’re beginning to act on them, becoming agents of change in their communities!