Our History


Since 2007, Sports for Sharing has reached almost 100,000 children all over Mexico.

Sports for Sharing was founded in 2007, at the bosom of the United Nations Association of Mexico, by a young enterprising Mexican woman committed to her country: Dina Buchbinder, current Director of the organization in Mexico.

To date, the program has national reach, and has received local and international awards and recognitions, among them from the international Youth Foundation, and from Ashoka’s Global Network of Social Entrepreneurs. These partnerships, along with our measured impact results, endorse our program, validating on a universal level the effects that we see locally, in each of the girls, boys, teachers and parents that we reach.

In August 2012, Dana Mekler, current Country Manager, started developing the framework for the launch of Sports for Sharing in the United States, making it the first international expansion of the program globally.