students at play outdoors

Schoolday Cancelled for Good Weather

students at play outdoors

When you hear about classes cancelled and school closures, murky or snowy weather is typically the culprit, along with bad traffic. Yet have you ever wondered what it would be like for classes to be cancelled due to nice, sunny weather? Well that is exactly what the principal of Bellingham Christian School, Bob Sampson, announced last Friday, May 4th, having the school day cancelled for good weather. Calling it a Sun Day , here is the message that was put on the school’s website:


Yeah!  It’s a Sun Day today and everyone gets the day off from school.  Thank you teachers and students for working so hard.  Enjoy your day and send me your creative pictures of you playing outside in the sunshine.  We will show them at our Monday assembly.”

Located in metropolitan Seattle, the school typically endures chilly, colder temperatures. However, the school hadn’t received a single Snow Day the whole year, and Sampson felt the Sun Day was a reward for students. The principal views the Sun Day as a positive boost for school morale, and gives students and faculty a chance to enjoy the great weather that isn’t so routine.

Of course, there are regions around the country that have better weather than others, and such Sun Days may not be as applicable. Furthermore while the school encourages students to go play outside and enjoy the outdoors, it is far from a guarantee all students will do so. Even so, the message is a positive one, advocating play and kindness for being a part of the school community. While it should never take away from the importance of education, many of us have been those students at one point or another, gazing out the window on a beautiful day yearning to be out in the sun. After all, who wouldn’t love a schoolday cancelled for good weather?

(Article Source: Valerie Strauss)
Washington Post


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