Week of the Young Child

Today more than ever, we have reason to celebrate the Week of the Young Child. We know more now than we ever have about the importance of shaping a child’s earliest years in learning and development. This Week of the Young Child, April 14-20th, is sponsored annually by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to raise awareness and advocacy encompassing the significance of early childhood programs and services. The NAEYC is one of the oldest and largest organizations working on behalf of young children, and has been advocating the emphasis on early childhood education during this annual week since 1971.

While the Week of the Young Child is dated and given a theme each year by the NAEYC, groups can foster their own creative ideas and follow along one of the sub-themes. Since the main idea of the annual week is to raise awareness, local groups, organizations and communities can implement their own events, and even extend Week of the Young Child to Month of a Young Child. The week brings flexibility and access for those who choose to celebrate it, and the NAEYC even provides an impressive list of resources to share with others.

The pillars of our society should be based on the best possible education of our children, especially starting in the early childhood years. We have much to learn yet, but it is through our message and branding the awareness that we can become the agents of change we hope to instill in our nation’s youth. Celebrate the Week of the Young Child, and  help raise awareness and advocacy for enhancing early childhood education.

Follow the NAEYC this week at @NAEYC for updates and information.


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